Personal Branding

In early 2017 I commenced a creative process on something closer to home – myself. Wanting to modernise as well as minimalise my personal branding I sketched up many versions of the 'R' which I wanted my brand to revolve around thus becoming the basis for the overall look and feel. The colours came from a quest for warmth, [...]

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Portfolio Video No.1

This animation was done by myself as an experiment in After Effects in a bid to promote my work through animation.

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drawinginc Rebrand

A team effort which bore fruit in a different way, we at drawinginc came together and assessed our brand status and decided it was time for a makeover. We chose to pursue a vintage look and feel with a modern direction. Executing a branded seal and a bolder palette we wanted to communicate that this is a studio that is brave [...]

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Think b4 anti bullying video

This animation was done by a fellow designer, Paul Woods, for whom I was given the task of voiceover for this project. I welcomed the opportunity to take part in the creation of this college assignment if not for the social awareness it could have created in a real world environment, the fun element was more than worth it. [...]

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