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A recent holiday to the Catalan part of Spain. A wonderfully active yet relaxing environment for a December getaway. The gothic alleyways pour with people as do such locations as Park Guell, a sanctuary of colour and mosaic surroundings. La Sagrada Familia, an amazing structure which pierces the blanket of blue which sits upon this cultural delight of a city [...]

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A trip to Amsterdam which I had taken 5 years ago this summer. My first time to this beehive of a capital city, swarming with people throughout it does in fact carry interest beyond the red light district and the frenzy of high street shopping. Fantastic heat and friendly people are but an extra special touch considering the gorgeous canal boats [...]

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A holiday no more than 5 years past this coming March undertaken by myself and 2 old friends. Beyond the natural landscapes of this beautiful city, it carries a genuine sense of calm rarely found in other cities on my behalf. Aside from the affordability of it’s strong culture of wining and dining there’s a real sense of colour about [...]

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Think b4 anti bullying video

This animation was done by a fellow designer, Paul Woods, for whom I was given the task of voiceover for this project. I welcomed the opportunity to take part in the creation of this college assignment if not for the social awareness it could have created in a real world environment, the fun element was more than worth it. [...]

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